Meet Sean "The Dancing Man" : How one candid photo took the internet by storm.

The beginning of our movement kicked off initially with a social media campaign to find the "Dancing Man". This was sparked by an image of a man dancing that had been anonymously posted on a website to intentionally shame the subject of the photo. Cassandra Fairbanks took to Twitter to search for this man, and a group of women helped with the search, penning him an open letter and invitation to join us in Los Angeles where we intended to throw him a dance party. Within just 24 hours, the dancing man from the photo was found: Sean. 

We discovered that he lives in England, and was spotted in an airport in Ukraine by someone that had seen the photo and our attempts to find him. In order for him to respond to our invitation to the party, he created his very first Twitter account and sent his official response of YES! His Twitter following boomed by gaining over 80,000 followers in the first 48 hours. 

In our initial conversations with Sean, we can already see that he is a wonderful and genuine person. He is so excited for everything in the future, as well as being a part of the much larger picture and movement of bullying prevention. He told us that " Big hearted people far outweigh the small minded every day of the week" and we couldn't agree more. 

One of our team members was able to meet with Sean in Europe in late March, and he is working closely with us as we plan the dance party of a life time. More details of the event will come in the near future.